Jul 1 @ 3:00pm EDT
Ashley Lane, LIVE Ashley Lane Jul 1 @ 3:00pm EDT

Girl-next-door Ashley Lane is the real thing. She loves BDSM, device bondage, rough sex, corporal punishment and especially orgasms. Few people can even think of cumming as loud as this girl can cum.

She's also a joy to work with in a live show, as she likes a challenge and can respond to crazy ideas from our team and our audience. She has proven herself with us many times.

Jump into the Insex forums and see what ideas everybody is talking about so far.

Don't forget to . . .

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Lydia Black, LIVE Lydia Black Filmed Jun 17 @ 3:00pm EDT

We can see Lydia Black getting nominated for performer of the year at one of the awards shows. This girl is sex personified.

We've had her on Sexually Broken, Hardtied and Infernal Restraints, and we loved every minute of it.

We put her through all our assessments, fucking her little slave throat, putting her in metal bondage and rope bondage, restricting her breath, making her cum, bending her over and blasting her with the dick that she couldn't get enough of. Giving us easily one of the best throat fucking scenes we have filmed over the years, Lydia is simply in a class few performers will ever attain.

Join us in exploring this gem of a performer, and prepare your list of requests, after you . . .

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Tess Dagger, LIVE Tess Dagger 2017-06-24

In our recent Hardtied update, we found out that our new girl, Tess Dagger, is one tough little cookie. She liked the rough body play; punches and kicks made her wet. She started off in a worm tie and got trampled. Her chest and abdomen were crushed under OT's massive weight. OT revealed her beautiful round ass and perky tits. He whipped her until she was creamy with excitement.

And now she's looking forward to more, offering some detailed instructions:

"Verbal is grand, no limits there.

Other yesses include impact, rope, electricity, knives, strap ons, predicament, sensory deprivation...
BIG yesses are needles (and staples) and rough body play. You wanna see me cry happy tears, turn me into a prickly punching bag.

Hard limits are breath play and tickling.

Any of those strike your fancy?"

Get ready to tell her what you fancy, and be sure to . . .

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Syren De Mer, LIVE Syren De Mer Filmed Jun 3 @ 3:00pm EDT

You always wished mermaids were sex positive, and it's true. No need to dash yourself on the rocks. This siren is ready for the BDSM at all times, and you don't even have to be a sailor. Syren has presented her tanned, toned body to our house studs and our devices many times over the years. Every time, she has demonstrated a rare eagerness for enlightenment through bondage. And every time, she has emerged invigorated. She loves all the things. If we were to offer an academic program in bondage, our final exam might be, "show us all the things that Syren De Mer does." Get ready to see the things she does in her BDSM and device bondage live show, when you . . .

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India Summer, LIVE India Summer 2017-06-05

She's a thoroughbred. India Summer is strong and lean, with inexhaustible sexual appetite. See the kind of bondage and rough sex our heroine craves when you . . .

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Bonnie Day, LIVE Bonnie Day 2017-05-20

This live BDSM and device bondage show was filmed May 6, 2017.

Bonnie Day and Syren De Mer make the most adorable pile of lady flesh. Cuffed together like a puzzle they couldn't untangle themselves if they wanted to, but really why would they want to? As the questions heat up they get more and more cuddly. Bonnie will just not shut up. She talks and talks and talks which requires we put a hood on. Bonnie's voice is somewhat muted, but still she's too annoying to listen to. Syren goes in the cage while Bonnie strips naked.

We start to play the ever popular "Add A Rope" game. First a torso tie. Then a neck rope. Of course a gag. Then things start to get worse. Bonnie is getting more and more uncomfortable. The ropes are getting tighter and tighter. Bonnie's bondage is getting more and more confining. Her knee goes to her neck. Then the other leg gets pulled up behind her. Then finally the table she's perched on gets pulled out from under her and she's flying freely. Her only savior is the vibrator.

Enjoy this shoot and more, when you . . .

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Mona Wales, LIVE Mona Wales 2017-05-01

This live bondage and rough sex show was filmed March 22, 2017.

Mona came back for her second live show. We only do 12 of these a year and only the very best get invited. These live show are the most intense live Bondage and Rough Sex show in the world.

Bound in hard metal in the perfect slave position Mona got her face fucked into subspace. Two hard big cocks throated Mona over and over. It didn't take long for her to become all glassy eyed and subspaced! We love fucked up cock suckers!

To see her blissful destruction, you can . . .

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Delirious Hunter, LIVE This page is just a sample.

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