Apr 8 @ 3:00pm EDT
Nora Riley, LIVE Nora Riley Apr 8 @ 3:00pm EDT

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Bella Rossi, LIVE Bella Rossi Filmed Mar 25 @ 3:00pm EDT

So lovely, so busty, so eager. Bella Rossi craves the dick, and she knows that we never run out. When she drives in here, our house studs come at her from all sides, like an automatic car wash. They lock her in place and polish her, inside and out, until she shines. When she drives away, you can always tell by the smile on her face, she feels brand new again.

Get ready for this live bondage and rough sex show when you . . .

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London River, LIVE London River 2017-03-11

This live BDSM and device bondage show was recorded over a live 24 hour period, March 3-4, 2017.

Here is Part 1:

London is having a few of her closest friends over for a wild weekend of a few of their favorite things: barbecue, bondage and beatings. Typically, London likes to be the one at the handle end of the whip, but this weekend she's shaking things up and taking the tail. She wants the weekend to be all about her, and her friends are only happy to oblige her, giving London their full and absolute focus.

Once she's ready they tie up her knees and string her legs up to the ceiling so she is hanging there, her legs spread, her pussy exposed. Her friends take turns playing with her like this, rubbing her pussy and pinching her nipples so that her breasts sting and ache. When that isn't enough, they bring the whip back out and have a go at her tits and her stomach. It's a weekend all about London, and she's going to get the attention she deserves.

Enjoy the Part 1 of this recorded live show when you . . .

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Eden Sin, LIVE Eden Sin 2017-03-06

This live bondage and rough sex show was filmed February 25, 2017.

Eden Sin is a tiny little sex demon who loves brutal deepthroat, rough sex and squirting orgasms. She's truly not human. We give her the industrial dick-down service, and she laughs and begs us for more.

We recently bound her on her back -- legs up and head upside down. For future reference this is now called "The Breaker." Getting fucked and having cock rammed down your throat upside down will break most girls and quickly. Not Eden. She screams, cums, chokes, drools, cums, screams, squirts, drools and cums, and that's just in the first 3 minutes. What this girl can take and handle is well above ordinary. We don't break this one, this one, this tiny Edin Sin, wins the day!

This tiny hotty has NO gag reflex and can take the largest cocks down her throat. Enjoy the best of the best when you . . .

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Dee Williams, LIVE Dee Williams 2017-02-11

We have had Dee Williams around for a while now so she knows our handlers pretty well. Still, we would like our audience to get to know her a little better, so, as we do with all our models on their live feeds, we take the time in the beginning to ask her a few questions about herself. Dee, her neck held down to the ground by a metal collar, answers questions from our handlers and our audience about her desires, her fantasies, her fears, and whatever else they want to hear about her. As she does we point a heat lamp at her pussy to keep it nice and warm while everybody gets ready.

Our handlers start out light on Dee, since, with hours ahead of them with her company, they have all the time in the world to ramp things up. First they wrap her tits up in rope, making a lovely harness that makes her breasts look even more round and perky than they are on their own, and Dee's got some pretty nice breasts. Then they tie her arms with her elbows over her head and her hands behind her back. With her arms out of the way, Matt Williams takes the moment to smack her ass around with a flogger, leaving it red, but not yet bruised.

After that, Matt lays Dee down on top of a large wooden box on her stomach. He folds her legs back and ties her ankles, connecting that rope to the one around her arms. He yanks it tighter and tighter, pulling Dee into a more and more uncomfortable hogtied position. Now she is ready. See what they have planned, when you . . .

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Zoey Laine, LIVE Zoey Laine 2017-01-23

This live bondage and rough sex show was filmed January 14, 2017.

Part 1: We start the no break live show with Zoey bound in a custom Device Bondage piece. Her head is trapped between the bars. Zoey can't move her head back or to the side, we have her mouth lined up perfect for a brutal throat fucking. This is one long brutal face fucking, huge cock is stuffed down Zoey's helpless throat over and over. It doesn't take long before Zoey is loopy and dazed. The Boys know how to take a girl to subspace with brilliant finesse, breath play at it's sexiest!

Part 2: We trap Zoey between the same bars that held her helpless before, except this time her ass is sticking out and up. The boys know what to do, to a helpless coed, and Nora finds herself being fucked to several screaming orgasms! Just her head is trapped, nothing else, but Nora is as helpless as they cum, she can do nothing to stop the brutal pussy pounding she gets!

Part 3: Our little coed gets the dicking down of her short life. After 30 minutes of non-stop action we go into the final brutal fucking and throating scene. Nora is just working on pure primal instinct. her brain check out, and now she is just trying to survive the brutal dick down. Rough throat fucking and hard fucking sends Nora to La La Land, she just cums, screams, and drips liquid out of every hole as the boy completely destroy her.

One of the best ending to a live show we have had. See how this amazing local coed pays her way through college, when you . . .
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Lorelei Lee, LIVE Lorelei Lee 2017-01-14

This live BDSM and device bondage show was filmed January 7th, 2017.

Part 1: Lorelei Lee is back for a live feed after a long break and ready to dive head first into some mental and physical torment. Lorelei's feed is going to focus primarily on the mental and emotional torment of abject humiliation. She helped come up with the idea for the shoot right around the election, but that doesn't mean she is prepared for what is going to happen. She has requested that our handlers say some horrible things to her that women hear and try to ignore every day walking down the street, and some things so bad that it's shocking they could be thought up by anyone but our president elect himself. Ready or not, Lorelei is going to be stripped of her rights.

Part 2: Lorelei could have kept taking that cock, but as fun as that is for all of us, we have something else in mind. Tears stream freely down Lorelei's face as London River drives needles into her toes. Her body is immobilized but she has just enough freedom of movement to be wracked with heaving sobs.

Part 3: Lorelei is tied up in belt bondage with her feet up by her head as the handlers have their fun with her pussy. As they fuck her with a metal pussy hook and they vibrate her clit, she is reminded over and over that she is powerless.

Find out how she ended up when you . . .

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